DIY Wishlist

Speedball Block Printing Kit, Fabric Ink, Plain Glassware, Triple Thick Glaze, Power Saw, and Plain White Clothing
When planning out today's post, I knew I wanted to create a wishlist. There isn't any clothing that I'm lusting after particularly at this time, but there's a whole lot of projects I really want to do. So my DIY wishlist was born! My freshman year of college I took an art class and one of our projects involved block printing and I've wanted to do another project ever since. It's so much fun creating your own stamp! I want to take it to the next level and use the stamp with fabric ink. I love playing around with dying fabrics so I'm always looking for new ways to play with relatively plain pieces of clothing. I'm inspired by this post on A Beautiful Mess. I want to do a variety of decorative glittered glassware. So pretty! Lastly (for now), I collected several pallets over the summer and I've been dying to turn them into a table or something cool so a power saw would really come in handy. What DIY projects are you dreaming of?

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