OUTFIT DETAILS:: Pants, Urban Outfitters:: T-shirt, Old Navy:: Boots, Kmart:: Hat & Bag, Thrifted
When I bought these pants, I had no idea they were the harem-hammer time-can't touch this style. I was drawn to the pattern and softness of the fabric and they were on clearance. And they have pockets. Can't forget the pockets. Then I got them home and tried them on. Much to my surprise and not a little bit of dismay, I discovered my error. But an error it is no more, because it turns out I kinda love them. I like any reason to step out of my comfort style zone and wear something a bit different. These are comfortable and best paired with simple pieces. Let the harem pants shine, man. It's hammertime!

 Casually falling over. It's fine. This way you can really see these harem pants in action!


  1. Cute :)