Three Ways To Wear: An Oversized Dress Shirt

 I thought I'd mix up my outfit posts a bit and try something new. I've always been into menswear. Not menswear inspired pieces. Just straight up dude stuff. I'm that girl who would wear ties and suspenders. And not in an ironic way, but in an I-actually-like-how-this-looks way. This was not always popular with people, particularly some of my guy friends (I'm looking at you Mr. Roe), but the fun thing about fashion, for females especially, is that we can get away with wearing just about anything so why not experiment! I know that the "boyfriend" style is still popular right now so here are three ways to wear an over sized men's dress shirt. I thrifted an extra large shirt from Amvets for a few dollars, but you could also try looking through your man's closet/dad's closet/grandpa's closet etc..
 Look 1: Men's shirt tucked into bold statement pants (Old Navy). While the pants are plenty interesting, I always need at least a little color in my life. Enter: my favorite red converse.
 Look 2: Tied at the waist and paired with rolled up khakis (Old Navy, altered) and heeled ankle boots (Kohls). This neutral look screams Fall to me!
Look 3: Ahhh leggings. How I love thee. If you were around the blog at all last year you already know my devotion to leggings. Belted and paired with some cute ankle boots, maybe even add some cute, colorful socks when it gets colder, this will definitely be a staple look for me in the coming months.

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