It's not goodbye...

I want to thank everyone who has shown an interest in this blog. I've learned a lot about blogging and myself over the last year and a half. And it is because of what I've learned that I have decided to start fresh in a new space. It was a difficult decision. I am extremely fond of this space and it has come such a long way from where it began, but I've come to realize that it is unfocused and I have lost some of my passion and momentum because of it.

This isn't the last of me. I'm taking what I've learned and starting over with Honey + May. The content is similar, but focused on clothing alterations/DIYs and I expect to use it as a shop platform as well. This is what I'm passionate about and I'm excited for its potential. I would love for you to visit my new space and tell me what you think! Thank you, dear readers. You inspire me. I will leave this site up indefinitely for you to peruse. I'll be carrying over some of my relevant content to the new site.

Hope to see you over at Honey + May!

Winter Solstice

As the shortest day of the year turns into the longest night, I dress in neutral grays to match my surroundings, but with pops of color; stripes and stars hat, green gloves, blue cons. I've got some ideas of where I want my blog to go in the new year. I'll share those thoughts with you soon, but for now I hope you are enjoying this holiday season with friends and family.
Outfit Details:: Hat (Old Navy), Coat (Thrifted/DIY), Jeans (F21), Sneakers (Converse)


Christmas DIY Gift Guide

So you want to DIY all of your own Christmas gifts, right? You DIY all year, but maybe you're lacking in the idea department? And you want to make stuff that you're loved ones will actually, well, love? Look no further. Here is your Holiday Guide to DIY. These suggestions would make great presents, OR, if the person you are gifting to is DIY oriented, why not put together a little project kit? I know I love being given project supplies!
Canvas Slip-ons (Target $16.99), Glitter (Hobby Lobby $2.99)
First up: some really rad glitter slip-ons, inspired by Anthropologie, without the Anthro price tag. Glitter is trending (as it should be) so why not use the holidays as an excuse to break out the glitter and bedazzle some shoes? Perfect gift for the fashion forward person in your life and inexpensive enough to make a pair for yourself too! If you need some guidance, check out this tutorial on A Beautiful Mess.
Fabric (Joann Fabric $7.99/yd), Emroidery Floss (Joann Fabric $.74)
Second: who doesn't want a handmade quilt in their life? A bold floral fabric makes this quilt pop, perfect for chasing away the winter blues. Use a bright thread or embroidery floss to stitch haphazard lines. Quilts can seem daunting, but by using one fabric for the front and one for the back, it minimizes the sewing involved and creates a rustic, charming quilt.
Mug (Crate&Barrel $7.95), Nail Polish (Essie $8.50)
Third: how about a gift for the coffee, tea, and hot cococa drinkers in your life? These simple watercolor mugs can be made with dollar store mugs and whatever nail polish you have lying around. The artistic splash of color is sure to please. How fun would it be to give sets in personalized colors? Checkout the tutorial on Poppytalk.


Wednesday Wisdom

Cheers to jumping right in, trying new things, failing/learning, and trying again.


Marbled Clay Jewelry Dishes

 When I saw these clay ring dishes over at A Beautiful Mess, I knew they would make the perfect little Christmas gift for my aunts and cousins. Plus, any excuse to have craft time is A-OK with me! These little jewelry dishes are wildly simple and addicting to make. The size and shape are limited only by what oven-safe wares you have at your disposal.
To make these dishes I followed ABM's instructions, but instead of using a bowl I used tiny scalloped baking dishes to get ruffled edges. After I rolled out my clay, I pressed it into the molds and trimmed any excess. They baked for 15 minutes. After they cooled, I removed them from the molds. I'm happy to report, that even with the ridges, the clay dishes were fairly easy to remove. The next time I make these I think it might be cool to use cookie cutters to get some unusual shapes. This is such a simple DIY! Perfect gift for the holidays :)