Marbled Clay Jewelry Dishes

 When I saw these clay ring dishes over at A Beautiful Mess, I knew they would make the perfect little Christmas gift for my aunts and cousins. Plus, any excuse to have craft time is A-OK with me! These little jewelry dishes are wildly simple and addicting to make. The size and shape are limited only by what oven-safe wares you have at your disposal.
To make these dishes I followed ABM's instructions, but instead of using a bowl I used tiny scalloped baking dishes to get ruffled edges. After I rolled out my clay, I pressed it into the molds and trimmed any excess. They baked for 15 minutes. After they cooled, I removed them from the molds. I'm happy to report, that even with the ridges, the clay dishes were fairly easy to remove. The next time I make these I think it might be cool to use cookie cutters to get some unusual shapes. This is such a simple DIY! Perfect gift for the holidays :)