Do Work, Son

All Photos Via Pinterest
I feel like I haven't been generating really great content lately and there are a few reasons for that. 
1. I started a full time job and it is too dark to take decent photos when I get out of work. 
Also, not super inspired to do anything after working for 8 hours. 
So, I need to adjust to this new schedule. I'm going to try to get
more posts photographed and written on the weekend so my blog doesn't look so lonely.
2. The snow storm from hell hit this past week, so much of my "free time" has been
devoted to reclaiming cars and driveways from Mother Nature's wrath.

Pinterest is really a beautiful thing. I can't tell you how many of my ideas have been
sparked by awesome things I saw on Pinterest. Such a great tool. Today I thought I'd share some
cool work spaces. I've been working on a table for a work/sewing space in my room
and these photos inspire me.

This week I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving (obviously) and getting mail again. I'm expecting some exciting packages :) Happy Monday to you!