The Buffalo Zoo!

Today I went to the zoo with my family. I always have mixed feelings about zoos. It's fun to see the animals and I think it must be beyond awesome working with animals, but I always wonder how happy the animals really are, being enclosed and at the whim of humans. I can't imagine being locked in a cage or a definitively sized grassy enclosure. I would get so restless! I know that quite a few of the animals in zoos have been injured or are endangered and cannot return to the wild, but I wish we could give them more space and freedom to live and be. We decided that the peacocks have the best deal. They are in a safe environment, but are allowed to roam freely throughout the zoo to the excitement of visitors.

The animals were surprisingly active today. My favorite were the two baby polar bears!! So very cute <3 The one lost his momma in the wild when he was a cub and that's why he is in the zoo. He seemed kinda sad and he kept lightly chewing on his paw, seemingly to comfort himself. I wanted to cuddle him! Poor baby bear.