Good Eats// Italian Festival

Stuffed hot banana pepper...out of this world amazing

Massive piece of sausage and pepperoni pizza
Portobello ravioli
Portobello ravioli again
Fried ravioli
"Leave the gun, take the canoli"
The Italian Festival is one of my favorite eating days of the year. I always go with my family and we always share as much as we can so we get to try a lot of different foods! Besides what's pictured above, we also had a steak and dandelion sandwich (so so so good!) and fried risotto with a hot pepper sauce (delicious). I forgot I had planned on taking pictures until after we scarfed both of those down. Oops!

We wanted to try lobster gnocchi but it wasn't ready yet. Everything we had was fantastic, but my favorites were the steak and dandelion sandwich and the stuffed hot pepper. I love festivals! Now I'm counting down the days till the Erie County Fair.