The Weekend Files

lobster and shrimp bisque with croutons, fabulous
bacon wrapped stuffed hot pepper with a roasted tomato sauce, to die for
stuffed hot pepper pizza, not impressive
stuffed mushrooms in a lobster cream sauce, the sauce was the best part
cute mini lemon cupcake, zach liked it more than me

 On Saturday, Zach and I went to the Taste of East Aurora. We tried some really great food including lobster nachos which we scarfed down before I remembered I wanted to take a picture AND this bacon wrapped awesomeness which is pictured above! SO good! After, Zach started teaching me how to long board. It was a gorgeous day!

On Sunday, I went downtown to see a visiting ship launch with my parents. We took lots of pictures, saw some beautiful flowers, and bought roast beef sandwiches from a food truck. Then last night, I played around with some dye for an upcoming DIY post and then went for a walk with my momma in the rain. Pretty solid weekend.