Simple Saturday// Fancy Pants to Shorts DIY

 This is a super simple DIY. I saw crushed velvet fabric at Joanne's a week or two ago in an array of gorgeous colors and I thought it would be awesome to make crushed velvet shorts. It turns out my mom had an old pair of black crushed velvet pants that she doesn't wear anymore so I was saved the step of having to design, cut, and sew a whole pair of shorts. Instead, I just had to cut a pair of pants and hem the bottoms.

 I used a pair of shorts I like the length of as a guide for length and angle to cut the pants.

 Turn the shorts inside out and fold the bottom over twice so the raw edge is no longer exposed. Pin in place. Straight stitch around the top edge of each folded section. That's it! Super easy if you already have a pair of pants to work from. This would be cool and simple to do with any kind of interesting pants. I think tapestry slacks would make a really neat pair of shorts. I plan to wear mine with tights on New Year's Eve!