Wednesday Wisdom

"Never do anything by halves if you want to get away with it. Be outrageous. Go the whole hog. Make sure everything you do is so completely crazy it's unbelievable..." -Matilda by Roald Dahl
I feel like people are always holding back on who they are, myself included. At least for me, it's comfortable and it's easier not to share a lot of my thoughts and feelings. I'm not saying we should put our whole selves out there for everyone to see every second of the day because that would be exhausting and impossible, but I think we get so used to holding things back that we end up with lackluster relationships and friendships. What's so wrong with telling people how you really feel? What excites you beyond reason or pisses you off just for existing? By holding back on these things we end up settling for something safe and, ultimately, boring. And also a bit of a lie. Maybe expressing what we really think and feel will expose weak relationships that we feel we should have or have some sense of obligation to keep up, but nipping them off makes room for fuller, stronger connections to people we can party with at the highs, throw tantrums with at the lows, and muddle through the monotony of the everyday. We're only holding out on ourselves. Let's try to be a little more outrageous and see what happens.