Sock Love

Let's talk about socks. I have a deep and abiding love for socks. Long, short, bright, dark, striped, cute animals, random cupcakes, mythical creatures. I love them all! I don't know why anyone chooses to wear boring socks when there are so many fun ones out there. I have well over 30 pairs of socks. Some might say I have a problem, but it's love I tell you. Pure, unadulterated love. And they all get worn pretty regularly. I have yet to meet a sock I didn't like. I even made a heart out of socks.

 photo P3080535_zps3d19798a.jpg
See? This love is real. 
 These are what I consider boot socks. They are my favorite winter sock because they go smashingly with all of my cute ankle boots. I love a sock with a strong personality. Some days I just need to have cows on my feet. Don't hate.
 I wear ankle socks more often than not. They're a real crowd pleaser at shindigs where I get to take my shoes off. My favorites have cute creatures on them including (but not limited to) foxes, owls, mooses, and unicorns!
 Then we've got the cozy socks. Perfect for lounging about and warming up cold feet at beddy bye time. They're like my favorite over sized sweaters, but for my feet!
 Last, but certainly not least, are the tall socks ranging from mid calf to thigh high. I love wearing these layered over leggings or tights for added interest. I love their versatility with dresses. They can be worn long or scrunched down and they add warmth!
What are your favorite socks?