Washed Out

Washed Out-because the light in this photo is washed out. I'm so clever.
Little Details
Rawrrrr I'm a lion! Fun fact: The finnmonster tore my flannel shirt a few weeks ago. I ain't even mad.
Now I'm a yogi. Ohmmm
Pretending I'm not an awkward human.
Hey! You talkin to me?
BOOBS! Just kidding. Flannel and floral makes for a nice combo, dontcha think?
I can still see my feet. And you can too. #WINNING
 Captions are fun. I wore this to work yesterday. Kinda menswearish with girly details. Totally comfortable and a pretty good representation of my favorite things to wear. I am entirely too excited about the zippers on these pants. Secret: The floral top is actually a crop top. Don't tell anyone ;)

Flannel: St. John's Bay, Floral Crop: Forever 21, Pants: Old Navy, Socks: Target?, Shoes: Converse