Make Your Own:: Recipe Box

I don't know about you, but food plays a huge roll in my family. Did you catch the pun there? ;) Any kind of celebration revolves around food. Birthdays, graduations, promotions, good grades, end of school, beginning of whatever, vacations....and honestly, just day-to-day we tend to be pretty food oriented. It helps that my momma is an absolute wizard in the kitchen. She's got the magic.
 For years, I've been meaning to start collecting recipes from her of my favorite foods so that when I am on my own I won't be completely destitute. I was wandering around Hobby Lobby last week and came across this recipe box and cards (50% off, by the way) and it gave me the push to finally get started!
It's been fun writing down my favorite recipes, a mix of my momma's and my own. It's a simple project that I know will grow for years to come. What are some of your favorite family recipes? :)