A Weekend in Syracuse

 Best friends!
 This is my new friend, Luke. Luke wanted to pose for a picture.
 Hogwarts is alive and well.

Syracuse: a place for truly excellent waffles and black squirrels. This weekend I went to Syracuse with my friend Nelly to visit our friend Joelle at school. After walking around Syracuse University's campus, I think we all have a bit of school envy. It's the kind of campus that makes you feel smart and motivated to learn just because the architecture is so cool. The frat houses are something straight out of a movie and make me want to go back to college. We ate at Funk 'n Waffles, which we all highly recommend, followed by a trip to Yogurt Land and Insomnia Cookies. We walked off our feast at Destiny USA (a four story mall in Cuse) and rounded out our evening with a viewing of The Fault In Our Stars.