Simple Saturday// Homemade Bagels

I LOVE fresh bagels. I had no idea they were so easy to make. Delicious warm out of the oven or toasted days later, this recipe is life changing if you're a bagel lover like me. These bagels are as good as any bakery or coffee shop bagel. Maybe even better. For step-by-step instructions visit Sophisticated Gourmet. I adapted the recipe slightly using instant yeast (doesn't have to activate in water, just use as a typical dry ingredient) and all-purpose flour because that's what I had on hand. I also skipped the whole making a well ordeal with the dry ingredients and just dumped everything in a stand mixer which, in turn, did most of the kneading for me. Besides that, I followed the boiling and baking instructions and the result was gorgeous, delicious, golden bagels! Now I'm hooked! I can't wait to experiment with different flavor combinations. Do yourself a favor this weekend and make some homemade bagels. You won't be sorry.

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