The Art of Grilled Cheese

Confession: I love cheese. LOVE it. Probably too much. And grilled cheese is probably one of my favorite things to make for lunch. There are so many scrumptious variations! My personal favorite is a mix of extra sharp white cheddar and pepper jack with layers of turkey and ham with sauteed mushrooms on rye bread! So now that my mouth is is a simpler, but equally delicious, take on grilled cheese:
I started off by sauteing slices of tomato and mushroom in a little butter and olive oil. This is important, particularly if you keep your produce in your refrigerator. If you add cold elements to a hot sandwich with cheese, the cheese won't melt properly. Plus, this sauteing process adds a little more flavor.
Then I just layered american cheese and my tomatoes and mushrooms on rye bread. I buttered the bread that would be face down first AND drizzled a little extra virgin olive oil in my pan. This isn't necessary, but it adds flavor and gives a nice golden crisp to the bread.
See what I mean? That bread is gonna melt in your mouth with the rest of that ooey gooey goodness! What's your favorite variation on grilled cheese?