Thrifted Chair DIY

There is little I love more than thrifting. I never know what I'm going to find and it is beyond awesome having so many different brands and wares all in the same place, usually really inexpensively. I found this chair a while back for a mere $6 at Amvets. (Please excuse the poor picture quality...I took these pictures in my basement)
 It was in pretty good condition, but I thought I could do something to spruce it up and make it a bit more exciting. I unscrewed the seat cushion and recovered it with fabric. While I had the seat unscrewed, I took the chair into my well-ventilated garage (it was cold and rainy outside) and gave the wood 2 coats of black spray paint. I considered sanding the wood down and giving it a varnish, but the wood wasn't in perfect condition and the black spray paint really makes the fabric for the seat pop!
With a staple gun, a screw driver, some spray paint, and fabric, I was able to give this chair new life! The whole project, including the chair, only cost about $10. It is a simple chair uplift with really beautiful results. I bet you have an old chair or two lying around....what can you do to make it pretty again?