Balloons are Rad

So I have this thing for balloons. I think they're pretty rad. In fact, I really REALLY want to purchase a bouquet of balloons, take them to a beach (or somewhere equally awesome), and release them into the air while someone of course captures the whole thing on camera as the balloons disperse (to keep the birdies safe) and I'm wearing some cute flowy dress looking totally romantic. If that doesn't scream movie moment I don't know what does and we all deserve to make our own movie moments don't we? Anywayyy, I've seen balloon inspired prints, wedding invitations, paintings etc on pinterest attached to bikes, houses, people etc and I thought, "Well, Hey! I can do that." So I did. I traced a bike silhouette I found online, drew a bunch of lines from the bike, then used my fingers and bingo dabbers to create my "balloons." Pretty cool, huh? And it's completely customizable. Just use whatever colored paint or ink you have on hand. I love simple projects and making my own art. I hope you have a balloon-filled day coming your way!