Sweater to Cardigan DIY

I promise. This will be the last sweater DIY project for a while. Probably. I can't help it! Our weather has been all over the place. What is a girl to do when one week its 95 degrees and sunny and then 60 degrees and rainy the next? It is unbelievable the difference a few months makes. Had it been 60 degrees in, oh say, April or May, I would have been throwin on shorts and a sleeveless top, ready to go! But now that I'm in summer mode and I got used to 80+ temps, 60 feels wicked cold. Either way, this sweater will be your best friend year round. Good for both those cool summer nights when you need something cute to wear at a deck party or during the winter when you're a bundle of unrecognizable layers.
This project is super easy. You can do it in less than 20 minutes. No joke. I thrifted this sweater. I loved the cable knit on the front and I have an affection for over-sized sweaters. As I already have quite a collection of large sweaters I like to wear over leggings, I decided to turn this one into a cardigan. Slightly more versatile and it looks a lot nicer over an outfit than a hoody. I didn't want to disrupt the lovely cable knit so I decided to cut directly up the middle of the back of the sweater. The label had already been conveniently removed, but if you need to remove a label just carefully use a seam ripper. After I cut up the middle, I folded each side over about an inch and pinned it. Then I just sewed up each side with a zigzag stitch. That's it. Super easy and inexpensive project with really great results. If I can find the right fabric, I may even add pockets one day. I know, I know. You're probably praying for cold weather now, right?

Update: I did get around to adding pockets! Leather pockets at that. We fancy. Check it out here!