Pesto Tortellini AKA party in my mouth

I'm a firm believer that most of the best foods are the simple ones. You know...the Italian mindset of only needing about 5 ingredients to make something truly spectacular! Pesto tortellini definitely fits the bill. I love how fresh, delicious, and easy it is to make pesto. With just 4 ingredients, in about five minutes you can have a heavenly spread to smear on your bread, pasta, chips, crackers etc. etc. The sky is the limit!
My package of basil conveniently had this recipe listed on the back so I used the given measurements. I substituted walnuts for pine nuts. They're easier to find and I love their flavor.

After you combine the fresh basil, walnuts, parmesan, and olive oil in the blender or food processor you should end up with this delightful looking mixture. My pesto has a lot of texture still. I love it like that, but if you want it to be looser add a bit more olive oil and blend. Then add it to your pasta! I used tortellini.
Cheers to happy taste buds!!