Informational Interview

 So today I had an informational interview with a marketing company that ((SURPRISE)) doesn't have any job openings, but it was interesting and informative and gave me a chance to expand my network. I now have several more respected professionals in the field looking to pass my name on to people who may have a job opening and I've been assured that if something were to open up I will be the first person they call, so that's something. Woo! Everyone is so impressed with my resume and that I already have my MBA. I hope that translates into me getting a kickass job sooner rather than later.

In unrelated news, I need a haircut. I've needed one for months, but I still don't know if I want to try to grow it out or keep it short. Decisions, decisions.
Shirt: Vintage, Pants: Old Navy (I skinnyified them), Belt: Target, Flats: Payless