Simple Saturday// Cupcake Edition

The other day I was seriously jonesin for a cupcake. I've been wanting to make blueberry lemon cupcakes for a while now. We had blueberries that were starting to go bad and two bags of lemons. It was fate! I followed the cupcake recipe from The Cake Blog. Let me just say, yum. This cupcake recipe is nothing short of divine. The cake turned out moist and sweet and just overall lovely. I couldn't really taste the blueberries, but it didn't bother me. I'm not much one for berries and nuts mixed into my baked goods anyway. The lemon in both the cake and the frosting is really so delicious on its own. I would almost consider omitting the blueberries entirely next time, it was that good. 
I'm not a big fan of butter cream frosting. I generally find it to be too heavy and sweet so I opted to make a stabilized lemon whipped cream frosting. Let me just say, I've never added a stabilizing agent to anything before so I was excited this little experiment turned out beautifully! I used this recipe for the lemon whipped cream frosting (but used powdered sugar) and I found the clearest directions for stabilizing whipped cream here. It works like magic! So simple, but effective.
If you like lemon, you will love these cupcakes!