The Finer Things::Elbow Patches

I don't know what it is, but I just think there is something incredibly romantic about elbow patches. Maybe because they are reminiscent of a time when people would regularly get dressed up to go out....there is just something about them that makes me swoon! I found this sweater while thrifting in the Fall and bought it with the intention of giving it elbow patches, but I never had time to do so until now. I have a ton of scrap fabric, including the sleeves I cut off of another shirt that has white and yellow stripes and I liked the look of it with the plain gray of this sweater. This project is easy peezy. Here's what I did:
 Put your sweater on and mark where your elbows are with a piece of chalk or fabric marker
 Decide on the shape you want your elbow patches to be and make a paper pattern
 Use the paper pattern to cut out your patches
 Pin your patches in place, centered over where you marked
 Then hand stitch the patches in place! I used pink thread for an extra fun touch :)
And there you have some elbow patches for when you're feeling fine and fancy!