Celtic Knot Pillow DIY

My boyfriend and I were inspired by this knot pillow on Pinterest and decided to make our own. We started with a strip of gray jersey fabric about 9 yards long and 6 inches wide. You will want to use more or less based on how large you want your pillow to be. I used a zig zag stitch to sew the fabric into a tube while Zach used my rotary cutter to cut strips from t-shirt scraps I had from a project in the fall. It was more economical than using polyfill or another kind of stuffing. While it didn't create quite as smooth a finish, it's not too noticeable and we both liked how it turned out anyway. To get the fabric scraps into the tube we used an old broom handle to feed it through. After sewing off the end of the tube, we followed these instructions for finessing the knot. It took some working, but Zach had the patience to get it to work :)