I Just Came to Say Hello

 Does anyone else find paint therapeutic? I think paint is the ultimate toy. There is something deeply satisfying about smearing color onto various surfaces. Maybe I just like it because it gives me an excuse to play and make a mess...
Anyway, I bought stencils the other day and decided to jazz up one of my plain Old Navy hoodies. It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted the message to be, but I decided that 'Say Hello' could lead to some interesting conversations. You will need a plain article of clothing, stencils, a fabric or paint brush, fabric paint, cardboard, and tape. Here's what I did:
 Place a piece of cardboard inside your garment to keep paint from seeping through the layers. Then determine the placement of your letters and tape them down.
 Paint inside your letters and allow the paint to dry before removing the stencils. Follow washing directions on your fabric paint for best results.

This is another one of those great projects that is completely customizable and super simple to do. It can say anything you can imagine and be in any color you wish. This song seemed fitting for this project. Enjoy!