Five on Friday// Living Spaces

If you haven't noticed already, I really love Pinterest. A lot of my ideas are adapted from my pinboards. When I feel down, Pinterest helps me pick myself back up, inspired to take on the world....or at least the day. Other peoples' creativity constantly blows my mind and fuels my desire to add what I can to the creative world. Sorry for that little ode to Pinterest (how I love thee), as it doesn't really have much to do with this post except for the fact that it is the source of today's pictures. I have a Living Spaces board of awesome rooms in other peoples' homes, which I guess might be kinda creepy, but whatevs. It leans heavily on more industrial inspired design. I adore tons of large windows, open airy spaces, high ceilings, and exposed beams. I don't know why, I just do. Here are some of my favorite spaces that I hope to adapt into my own home someday.  And I know there's technically six pictures if you count the top one. Deal.
 Love the high ceilings and general openness of this space, plus the wood floors and beams.
 Round windows because why not?
 I am far too messy to ever actually live in a space like this, but I can't help but love the floor to ceiling wall of windows on the water. So much natural light, it's perfect!
 Absolutely stunning converted attic room. With a balcony. Yes, please!
Last, but not least, the wood floors and ceilings are great, the brick accent wall is brilliant, and the tall, greenhouse-like windows bring in plenty of natural light.
What are some of your dream living spaces?