Simple Saturday// Picture Wall

I've been so inspired by picture walls lately, I wanted to create my own. Plus, it finally gave me an excuse to print some pictures which I've been meaning to do for ages. There's no real way to enjoy all of my photos when they're just chilling in files on my computer so this was the perfect project to get some out in the open. I signed up for Snapfish and got my first 50 photos printed for free. I got a mix of my own photos and some inspiring images and quotes from Pinterest. The idea is to create a visually appealing and inspiring collage. Here are some picture walls that have me swooning.
A Beautiful Mess
Design Traveller
I used mostly small photos and one print that I made on my computer. I ended up putting the collage on my door because as it turns out my walls are so covered in posters, artwork, and magazine clippings already that there really isn't any substantial amount of room for a new picture wall. When I eventually have my own home/apartment I'll probably expand on this idea, but this is what I came up with for my current living situation.

Please excuse the poor quality of the last photos. I used my phone and I guess I was a bit shaky, but you get the idea. Do you have a picture wall? I would love to see photos!