Simple Saturday// T-shirt DIY

 This is another really simple t-shirt DIY that is extremely customizable. The techniques can be used to create any kind of design you can imagine. I created a change the world graphic. Get it? Because delta is the Greek symbol for change. I'm not a nerd or anything.

I drew an outline of my design with washable markers because, let's face it, I'm no artist and free handing the earth wasn't going to go smoothly. You can see two different colors I used because I screwed up the outline. No big deal though, it washes right out. I then used a puffy fabric paint to go over my outline. After it dried I filled in the continents with a regular fabric paint. After that dried I prepared some blue fabric dye and filled in the rest of the world with a brush. It's not a perfect process, but the bleeding was pretty minimal. I let it dry completely and waited several days before I washed it just to make sure everything was set. Then I rinsed the shirt thoroughly and washed it by its lonesome the first time to prevent any dye bleeding into other fabrics. This is a really fun and easy project. I can't wait to make more with different designs!