Felt Ornament DIY

 Felt ornaments are a simple and fun project for the holidays with endless possibilities! So far I've made a bird and a reindeer, but I have plans to make more (updated 11/30 with pictures below). Once you decide on the ornaments you want, create a paper pattern. Fold over your felt so you're cutting through two layers. Pin your pattern to the top of the felt and cut out your shape. For my ornaments I just searched Google Images to find simple animal shapes that I liked and could create fairly easily.

 Pin your two layers together and insert a loop of twine or ribbon for hanging. Next, top stitch around the edge of your ornament leaving a small opening for stuffing. Stuff the ornament with a bit of poly-fill, then finish sewing.
 Now the fun part: accessories! For my bird, I added a beak and hot glued on a button eye and some feathers. He's now a very happy part of our Christmas tree.
 This is my reindeer outline. It follows the same steps as above. It was a little tricky cutting and sewing because of the details, but it's well worth it. I finished him with a button eye and a little scarf made out of scrap fabric. These ornaments are really fun to make. They're also inexpensive, extremely customizable, and they would make great personalized gifts!

I made this Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy inspired whale ornament for my older brother and the black and white kitty for my cat loving aunt. What kind of felt ornaments would you make?