False Spring

 This was taken a few days ago. White out conditions. It snowed nonstop for 2.5 days. It was windy. There was a driving ban. And it was bitter cold. We had the makings of a blizzard and a pretty legit Buffalo winter compared to recent years past.
I took this photo today. A balmy 50 degrees and rainy. We could have boat races through our front lawn. Before the day is over we just might. Given all the snow we just got there is some pretty major flooding. But it's warm enough for shorts (I went conservative with capris) and I'm not one to pass that up. Even if it is supposed to drop back into the 20s or 30s tomorrow. Honestly, this has been a pretty righteous winter in my book. We had a white Thanksgiving. Then the snow melted. We had a white Christmas. Then it melted. We had a dusting. We had a blizzard. And then it (half) melted. I kinda like it. I mean it'd be nice if the snow would stick around long enough for me to go sledding, but I love that the snow has been so manageable and that it isn't building up into a depressing gray blob.
Shirt: Old Navy, Capris: Thrifted, Sneaks: Nike, Necklace: Borrowed from momma