Made of Stars

 I have a confession. I find outfit photos to be mildly embarrassing. I feel like it's a bit vain and, for me, awkward. I'm an awkward photo champion. Why do I bother doing outfit posts then? Well, it's not because I enjoy looking at myself. I do these posts because I'm learning to take better, more interesting pictures and sometimes just because I really enjoy what I'm wearing or I want to show off a DIY (ahem, elbow patch sweater). I almost always take my own photos and battle with my tiny olympus digital camera and self-timer. These photos are an exception as they were taken by Zach :) There are so many bloggers I follow that take truly stunning outfit photos. I don't know how they do it, but I'm trying to learn! For more awkward photos, follow me on instagram @100percentleen
Sweater: Thrifted&DIY, Dress: Kohls, Tights: Sock Dreams, Socks: Target, Boots: Modcloth