Bleach Painting

 I might have an addiction to painting clothing. Maybe. But I'm okay with it. Bleach painting is a really simple process. This is hardly a tutorial, but more of an idea for you to try. You only truly need 3 items: a darker piece of plain clothing, bleach, and a synthetic paintbrush (so the bleach won't eat away the hair of the brush). When I picked a design, I decided using a stencil would be the easiest way to make a crisp design. I made a stencil using this process. If you want to freehand your design, try drawing it out in chalk on your material first for a guideline. I think unicorns are pretty rad. Mostly because of Agnes from Despicable Me. I mean, come onnnn. Too much cute. But you can do anything from quotes, song lyrics, tribal prints, animal silhouettes etc. The sky's the limit! Go wild.

I suggest painting in a well-ventilated area because you're using bleach. If you have sensitive skin wear gloves and if you tend to be messy, don't wear any clothing that you would mind getting bleach on. I poured a small amount of bleach right into the cap of my bleach bottle and centered my stencil. Then I just filled in my design with bleach. I reloaded my brush every inch or two until the design was fully saturated. The color will start to change almost immediately so you'll see if any areas need more bleach. When you're done, bring your fabric outside. The sun will speed up the activation process. Let the bleach dry completely, rinse to get rid of any excess bleach, then wash normally.