Before & After// Lace Trim Sweater DIY

 The other day my friend Leanne was wearing a really cute crochet trimmed sweater from Urban Outfitters. I loved the look and figured I could make something similar. I used a sweater I had thrifted a while ago that I didn't mind updating. The sweater I used was already long enough to wear with leggings, but the lace adds a nice touch and brings the sweater to an overall more comfortable length. I thrifted a lace tablecloth a while back and still had some leftover so I used that for my trim.

I cut two identical rectangles from the lace, doubling over the fabric. So I ended up cutting two 24cm pieces in length and folding them in half to create two 12cm rectangles. The width will obviously vary based on the sweater that is used. I hemmed all of the raw edges to prevent fraying. Then, I turned my sweater inside out and sewed a lace panel to the front and back sides. Easy. This is a really simple and quick DIY and I like the versatility of the lace. This technique would look good on any sweater with a loose fitting hemline.