Love for Leggings

 I know leggings polarize a lot of people. You either love em or you hate em. I for one love them! I love not having to wear actual pants when it gets cold! They are comfortable, perfect for layering, and allow for a better range of motion. I almost never sit properly in chairs and leggings let me do what I want! Live long and prosper fellow legging wearers, I salute you.

Jacket: Steve and Barry's, Shirt: Old Navy, Tunic: Handmade, Leggings: Gift, Boots: Rocket Dog, Necklace: Gift

My darlin' momma took these outfit photos for me. I love having this field behind my house. It's nice, and for me, necessary, to see something other than houses and telephone lines when I go outside. It is gorgeous and we get to see the deer :)