Five on Friday//Romantic Comedies

I've decided that on Fridays here on out, I will feature five of my favorite something, with a new topic each week. This week I was going to do five of my favorite movies, but that was too difficult to narrow down, so it's five of my favorite romantic comedies.
 The Holiday is my go to movie when I need a pick-me-up. It's uplifting and it makes me smile. I love the idea of doing a house exchange with someone in another country, although I suppose realistically there are a humongo number of possible risks. Despite that, the London countryside looks idyllic, the characters are charming, the romances are solid and heart warming, and Jude Law is gorgeous.
 You've Got Mail is probably my all time favorite movie ever. You just can't beat a Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan romance. They are perfection. I love their chemistry, their witty banter, and the bookstore theme. These two make my heart swoon. Seriously.
 Serendipity, along with You've Got Mail and Sleepless in Seattle, is among the classic romance movies that my parents introduced me to at a young age. This one is my dad's favorite and it is one that we have bonded over. There are a few particular lines that we quote at each other and we each strive "to be a jackass." In the best sense of the term. You'll just have to watch the movie.
Leap Year. Irish countryside. Sexy Irishman. Need I say more?
Sleepless in Seattle, another Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan classic love fest. They are so good together. I can't help but love them. Plus, the love that Tom Hanks has for his deceased wife in this movie is so moving. Here's a quote:
He makes love real, guys. And it is magic. I promise. Watch some of these this weekend. Your heart and soul will be thankful. XOXO