Wednesday Wisdom

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I am innately curious about people. How they act and react, how they speak, how they dress, what they find important, what they've experienced. It all fascinates me. I wish people watching could be my job. I do not watch to judge, but to learn. Everyone has their own story and it is so interesting to catch a glimpse at a page in a stranger's life, or maybe a few chapters in a friend or family's book, but I am always aware that whatever I observe is nothing close to the whole story. The truth is that I have no right to be judgmental, nor any desire to be. I know that I am missing details, but I like to watch, to be the impartial observer. And then I wonder. People are fascinating. Be open this week to other people's stories. Watch and wonder, but keep an open mind. Maybe the next time someone pisses you off, before snapping back and escalating the situation think about why they may have acted in that way. If you're feeling particularly brave, ask them what's wrong. You might be surprised at the outcome.